25 Jan 2012

Wednesday Waffling 28

Hey guys! Ok, I seriously thought I posted over the weekend. I literally had no clue it's been a week since about a few minutes ago. Major fail on my part, sorry!
I have come to the conclusion though that posts on Monday's and Tuesdays are very unlikely purely because of college. Maybe in the height of summer? It's all down to the light.

College is getting super hard. I'm only a month into my project and there's already so much to do! It seems like every day there's five new things we need to put in our books ready for the next day that I'm just lost at what I'm doing when. It's probably because it's three units in one project, plus one of those unit's is darkroom, and darkroom is intense stuff! On top of that we were given two mini one week projects to do for next Monday as Ofsted (school inspectors) are coming in and we need to impress them. Blerghhhhh. I was really annoyed that I got assigned holiday this week at work, but now I'm really glad!

If you follow my Twitter you will already know that I went out and bought a real pair of JC Lita's! I haven't worn them out yet, but I'm planning to slowly break them in. I must say though, I am in love! A full post on them will be coming :)

I'm off to Lakeside tomorrow partly to return some stuff to shops that aren't local, and partly to (inevitably) spend money I now really don't have. Not a good idea! But it's happening anyway. I also have the dentist, which doesn't bother me at all. I've never been bothered by the dentist, so I can't understand why others are so much so. Until I'm scared myself I won't know.

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