20 Oct 2011


On Saturday the 10th of September I was lucky enough to go to my first ever blogger meet, the London Blogger Meet! It was all very last minuet as I only found out about it late on the 8th, and couldn't confirm my going till late on the 9th but I'm so glad I went!
The whole day was sparked off by Aimee and Emma, who went on to arrange some amazing things for us! We met at midday in the Mitre Pub conference room (wow did I feel posh haha) which was beautiful. When I arrived there were already a few people there. I was slightly nervous as this had been so last minuet and I had only spoken to Emma on Twitter and hadn't had a chance to look at any one's blogs (of which I was very ashamed), but everyone was very happy and chatty which was great.

There was a big tabled covered in lots of different yummy looking cupcakes made by Emma, Jaymie and Safira. I wish I wasn't so full/could have taken a load home because the few I did eat were so tasty!

Upon arrival I was lucky enough to receive a goodie bag handmade by Hero & Cape (screen printed. So jealous!) filled with jewellery from Temporary Secretary and a few goodies from Lush! Lauren (elle) also provided some bottles of Vitimin Water which I was very grateful for as I was dying of thirst!

After an hour or so, everyone had arrived and were chatting away. I was sat next to Law who was incredibly chatty (thank you! I was so stumped on what to talk about haha) and really so very lovely. I also chatted to Saima, Madison and Emma a bit more as we were all sat near each other. Everyone was so nice! : D

Everyone eating their PinkBerry! Plus my hat haha.

Soon Emma (another Emma haha) from Frank PR arrived equipped with some PinkBerry frozen yogurt and a necklace each from Fashion Union! I personally had never heard of PinkBerry before so didn't really know what it was. I soon learnt about the Frozen Yogurt and the company's three new 'designer' flavours made especially for fashion week which we were lucky enough to try! I had the (ever so popular) Henry - inspired by Henry Holland - which was made up of Strawberry frozen yogurt, strawberries, mango and some colourful crunchy things. I must say, it was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! It was seriously so yummy, and low in calories to boot! If I ever spot a place to buy some more PinkBerry frozen yogurt I will because it was so nice.

After some very hearty eating, it was decided that we should all go round and properly introduce ourselves, our blog and give a random fact about ourselves. There were some very lovely, and very funny stories, but the one that touched me the most was that of Laura. I won't go into detail, but her story really inspired me. She showed me that you can really start at any point, no matter how high or low and still achieve amazing things. All you have to do is try really hard and believe in yourself and you can do anything. Thanks for sharing Laura, it was really wonderful :')

After this we all got talking about loads of blog related things which really made me realise how little I know about the blogging world! Everyone was spouting out all the high profile blog names that I'd never ever heard of, let alone new anything about so as to discuss them. Same went for how to use images in blogging, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of dangers and ways in which to possibly offend. I'd never really thought about the consequence of using an image I'd found on Google images, I mean, the problem with that is that you can't give proper credit and in turn could possibly aid in the misuse of someone else's work. I've seen some 'big' blogger's images be stolen by clothing company's (LLYMLRS and Le Happy) but I didn't consider the smaller side of it. Tumblr is a prime place for proper credit to be lost, and it made me think about how I should deal with images I want to use but can't give the proper credit.
The whole massive conversation taught me that all in all, I know nothing! Haha! I don't follow many 'big' blogger (especially from the UK) and I don't know anything about blogger etiquette so I have a lot to learn.

Soon it was time for me to head home to work, so we all head a few group photos and then I hopped on the tube with Madison (it was lovely to share the journey and chat to you!). It was all over in about four hours which was very sad, as I would have loved to stay for the whole thing!
I just want to say thank you so much to everyone that was there! I'm really gutted that I didn't talk to everyone and I hope that if we all attend the next meet that we'll all chat more! Thanks for being so lovely and kind and welcoming, and accepting my very embarrassing photography project! (handed that in and they really liked it!)
I really look forward to meeting everyone again as it was so much fun!

 Some of us at the end of the day. Image from The Daisy Chain


  1. Looks lovely!

    Emma x

  2. i think blogging ettiquete it´s still not very defined.. i mean it´s the internet and there are no limits,so it´s quite difficult to put a boundry on some situations... we are all learning together!! so don´t worry!
    Nice pics.


  3. This looks like so much fun. Looking forward to the next one xxx

  4. this looks like so much fun ! :D

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Thanks guys! :)