16 Oct 2011

Back to Black

Cardigan - Miss Selfridge (current sale)
Top - Topshop (via eBay)
Over Knee socks - New Look

Hey guys! I'm finally bringing you an outfit post! I even did it in crap light! Got out of bed at about 2 but didn't get dressed till 4. As my room is north facing the light was rubbish by then but I had to make do. These  were also taken on my new Canon 500D and the photos look kinda odd compared to my old make. Maybe it's because I shot on Manual today and usually do it in TV? I'll try that next time.
Anyway! most of this outfit is new. I'll start with the cardi, I got it pretty much on the first day of the sale. I decided to wonder in and look at the sale rail to find it was full of clothes in my sizes! This doesn't usually happen, so I went crazy. This was one of the things I bought - down to £20 from £42. I'm still a bit unsure about it. It's really lovely and soft, and a nice chunky knit, but what do you guys think? Does it look a bit odd on me?
The top was something I'd seen when it was it was in the shops a year or so ago, but never bought it. I kicked myself, and searched for it on eBay. It wasn't until this summer that I managed to get one in my size and I'm really happy! Paid about £10 for it including postage.
The trouser things (I don't know what to call them, but they're really thick jersey material. You can't see my knickers through them don't worry) were something I spotted at the Bluewater store on Thursday but they didn't have them in my size. I'd originally ordered a pair from H&M that I thought would be like this, but they turned out to be normal denim jeans. Disappointment. So when I found these I was really happy! Got 20% student discount too! Got the same on the socks. I love over the knee socks and think they look great on, but I hardly ever wear them, but these were really cheap so I thought f it and got these and a brown pair! Maybe I'll wear them soon.

I hate having my hair tied back. I think it makes me look awful. It's probably down to the fact that throughout school I constantly had my hair in a plait, so now I always like having my hair loose. I just think it looks better! Don't get me wrong, I think tied up hair looks great, but whenever it's on me I feel stupid, especially with a ponytail. On me I associate it with zero effort and looking sloppy :( On other girls it looks nice!

Taking outfit photos again was weird. I think these photos are awful! I just need to get back into the swing of things I think.


  1. such a great cardigan <3

  2. The trou are great! I find jeans too thick but leggings too thin, so those ^ are a great combination, I need them in every shade of blue, and ofc black.

  3. Haha love the socks ;) xx

    www.southmoltonststyle.com xx


Thanks guys! :)