8 May 2011

Parties Make My Feet Hurt

- Hey guys! Just a quick update to say I'm very busy at the moment. Went to a party last night, and just got back from a party tonight. The photo above is what I wore tonight. I quickly took it on my compact camera when I got home to show you, but I couldn't do anything proper at 1am haha. It was for my friend's 18th and we had to dress up nicely so this is what I did! I'm very pleased that I managed to get my hair in the bun, but I used one of those doughnut things. I felt quite over dressed though as it was only really me and the birthday girl who looked formal. Whoops! Oh well, I like the outfit, I felt posh haha. 
I spent all week trying to stretch the shoes I'm wearing! The shoes it's self fit but the space for my toes was way too small. Just sitting down in them was incredibly painful. I tried wearing them round the house with very thick socks all week and it was just awful, so I googled how to stretch shoes and ended up stuffing wet newspaper in them and putting them in the freezer for 10 hours! It wasn't amazing but it did help a bit. I could bare wearing them for 4 hours :)
Last nights party was a bit of a bore..... I only knew the birthday girls (they're twins) and my drunk boyfriend and his friends so I had to tag along with them. I didn't mind that but I didn't want to be a nuisance. Oh well, I wasn't there long anyway!

- Tomorrow night I'm staying at my boyfriends, then I really need to crack down on my college work! I only have about 3 weeks of college time left to finish 5 full sketch books and final pieces, so I'm pretty doomed. Please forgive me if I go quieter than I already am, but I really do need to do my work, and sometimes taking photos for my blog can take a lot of time. Just setting up takes me ages! So I'm very sorry about that. I'll keep going with my Wednesday Waffling though :) I might show you some of my art work as well! Just to prove I am actually doing work haha :)

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  1. omg isnt it a nightmare when heels dont fit, i had these gorgeous black wedges and they would not stay on coz the ywere so heavy and i tryed EVERYTHING! i had liek 10 plasters stuck ontop of eachother and rubber grips and everythingggg.. was awful!
    you look lovely tho, like a proper girl should! :)
    hmmm i know what you mean, ive gone quiet coz sitting in watching tv and going out in the sun is way more fun :) so dont blame you!
    you will ahve to upload some work tho. i love seeing other peoples shizz
    take care hunny


Thanks guys! :)