15 Feb 2011

Bows and Barcelona

Two posts in one day? What? Well I wanted to keep my last post purely to it's subject, but I've got a few more things to say before I jet off!

How can you tell which suitcase is yours? Do you have one that has crazy patterns over it? Do you put one of those coloured bands around it? Or do you paint on it?
I painted on mine :)
With smiley faces! It has a smiley face on each side, so wherever you see it from, you know it's mine >:) Hopefully it will make people smile! I seriously want this trip to be a happy one...

So in light of me flying out to Barcelona tomorrow (well, today as it's 1:20am), I should be packing right? Wrong! Instead, I spent most of the evening making my first bow! I looked up tutorials on Youtube then really wanted to make one, so I grabbed some denim left over from my bag (probably the worst choice of fabric for a first go) and made a bow!
When it was done I wasn't totally pleased - I was originally gonna make it a hair clip but I sewed a hair band on instead. I quite like it like this, and hopefully I'll wear it! I want to make another one in a flowery fabric and use that as a hair pin :)

Also, last but not least, Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone had a good day, whether your with someone or not :) I stayed round my boyfriend's last night and we went out for a meal. He also cooked me beans on toast for lunch today, yummy! I had a lovely time with him :)

But yeah, that's it for now. I'll speak to you guys soon! I probably won't update until saturday earliest because I fly back late at night on Friday.
Have a great week!


  1. That bow looks really sweet, I might have to have a go at make one myself :) Also I really love the smilie face on your suitcase, what a cute idea, I usually just tie somesort of scarf around the handle...

    Hope you have a lovely trip xxx

  2. haha thats so cute:) smiley face all the way!


Thanks guys! :)