1 Dec 2010

Dec 1st - Not So Snow Day

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Top: H&M
Jeans: From Norway
Cardigan: Primark
Hat: TK Maxx
Necklace: From Ibiza

This is something I threw together today before going to college. I love this lace top 1) because it's pretty and 2) because every one thinks I'm naked under it! It's not just lace, there's a brown T-Shirt material underneath it, but because of it's colour people think I'm just wearing lace. People have asked me where my nipples are before; it's hilarious!
I got the hat from TK Maxx in Southend a while ago. I saw it and fell in love, but my problem is that I don't wear hats that often. I have one that I bought in Canada 2 years ago that I've never worn. It's a lot like this one actually. But I was having a bad hair day so I thought I better put it on, and it worked well!
I love my necklace! It's completely crazy and unique because I don't think many others in England will have it. I got it whilst on holiday this summer, and I think it gives off a distressed look and gives and outfit attitude.

So, the snow hit South East Anglia yesterday morning, and it was snowing all day. When it snowed like this last year college was closed, yay!
The snow was pretty thick when I woke up, but college was open! :( So my parents forced me to go in, and when I got there there was 2 other people from my class and that was it. Also, none of the computers worked! You couldn't save anything, they were super slow and half their programs had disappeared, so I went home at 1. It was 4 hours of my sleep time wasted!
IF the snow is still around tomorrow, I'm just not gonna bother going in, as it will be the same as today really. I'm not wasting my time.

So when I got home, I sat about and took photos of my outfit. In the end, me and mum started helping stranded cars on our road. It's just a sheet of ice at the moment, and a few cars were finding it hard to get moving, and some where sliding all over the place! So we gave them a push to get them up the road.
Good deed for the day: Done! :)

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