31 Oct 2011

October GlossyBox

Hey guys! So today, on the last day of the month (happy halloween and all that. I'm not really that into halloween these days) I'm bringing you my review on the October GlossyBox!

First of all we have three products from Dermalogica and a sweet little makeup bag. There's the MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque (top left), the MultiVitamin Thermafoliant (top right) and the Renewal Lip Complex (bottom). I haven't been able to try the face products yet but my Mum seemed very impressed with the fact I'd got some Dermalogica. I took that as a good sign! Personally I don't shy away from anti aging products, I don't see why I should? I mean, what's the harm in using them now right? 
I did use the Lip Complex though, and to be honest I was disappointed. I was hoping to get lovely smooth lips and fast, but my pot a Vaseline does a better job! The product took ages to sink in and actually sooth my lips, so in the end I just ditched it for my usual Vaseline pot.

Oh perfume samples... I've never been a fan of these, mainly because I'm so picky with perfumes. None of these really appealed to me, plus I find using the tiny little bottles difficult. I can never open them, and when I do I usually spill a bit everywhere haha. But yeah, I'll probably give these to my Mum.

Lastly we have a Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner and Leighton Denny Expert Nails in Sex Kitten.
First the eyeliner. I hadn't heard of Stila before but my Mum's positive reaction got my hopes up for this product and it delivered! I love the colour - it's a deep moss green with a gold shine to it. Suits me to a T as I have green eyes and generally gold looks better on me. It also lasts really well. I put it on in the morning as a bit of a test, went on relatively easily and then I forgot to take it off that night haha. It was still firmly in place the next morning, so I was really happy! My biggest disappointment is that Stila can only be bought from Harvey Nicks online, and I hate buying online. I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it regardless!

Lastly the nail varnish. Again, my Mum was pretty excited about it so I instantly had high hopes. I actually applied this over a black polish I was too lazy to take off, and what you see is only two coats. In fact I only actually needed one, but I always do two to be safe. So far I've had it on for four days without any topcoat and it's only just chipped, so I'm quite impressed. The colour is lovely and pigmented and something I didn't have in my collection so I'm very pleased :)

Overall my reaction to this box is a bit of a mix. Disappointed with the Dermalogica Lip Complex and the perfumes - also I wasn't sure with the fact that there where three products from the same brand, but maybe that was a plus for others! However I love the nail polish and the eyeliner! So all in all it averaged out at an alright box :)
Did any of you guys get this months box? If so what do you think?


  1. Wow this one looks like the best yet. Fabulous, really need to sign up xxx


  2. I think the Glossy boxes are great from what I've seen :). This is such a good post on it! Signing up to this one next month. That nail polish is gorgeous. Xx


Thanks guys! :)